Saturday, September 21, 2019

Overall Dresses are a Yearlong Staple

Part of having a minimal closet is having versatile pieces. One piece that I wear regardless of hot or cold temperatures outside, is my overall dress. It’s a light pink shade which doesn’t make it too bright for winter, but isn’t too neutral for summer. It’s the perfect staple, especially with the two large pockets in front. If you are trying to minimize your closet, and don’t own any overalls yet, I highly advise purchasing a pair of overall dresses because they are a yearlong staple! You can purchase one of the many dresses below from Amazon or you can use them for inspiration! Happy #FashionFriday friends!

If you’re not into color, you can always go classic denim. We wear so much denim with jeans and jackets, so why not extend that to overall dresses?

The fun thing about overalls is that you can wear so many different tops with them. On a winter’s day, or a cold London summer day (pictured below), I wear a sweatshirt underneath my overall dress. I paired my sweatshirt with tights as well. On a warm day, I can wear a tank top with my overalls. No tights of course.

So tell me, do you own a pair of overalls you love?
Are they versatile enough to call a yearlong staple?
Or are you ready to purchase a pair of overall dresses for your closet?

Pink Overalls Yearlong Staple Overall Dresses

Check out last week’s post on dip dye dresses.
You will definitely want to add one of these to your closet as well.

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