Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Part 2: My Experience With Zaful Online Boutique

So in my last post I explained to you guys the perks of Zaful Online Boutique. I was so curious to order a couple of items from there and see what the quality is like. Last week I received all of my items and have worn them multiple times since. Below you can read more about my final review on the products.

Cut Out Floral Tunic Dress – This is my new favorite item in my closet. The color is brilliant, the fabric has so much movement, and of course I’ve gotten so many compliments! The only thing about this “dress” is that it is way too short on me to be a dress. Like way too short. So I wore it over jeans and it fixed the problem. I paired this top with the tassel earrings below. You can shop this tunic here.

Part 2: My Experience With Zaful Online Boutique

Statement Beaded Tassel Earrings – Oh man I just love these earrings! These earrings are a little bit heavy but nothing that you remember while you are wearing them. I picked them out in blue. I was a bit worried if they would up hold up when I went dancing, but they didn’t fall or break apart. You can shop them here!

Part 2: My Experience With Zaful Online Boutique

Loose Floral Embroidered Ruffled Shirt – This shirt says it’s a “small” but I think it’s more of a one size. I really do love it though. It looks great over some skinny jeans with some booties too. I wore this shirt out in the country the other day and it held up with the heat, four wheeling, wine tasting, lunch, and dinner! It holds up really well. I paired this top with the bohemian earrings below. You can shop this here.

Part 2: My Experience With Zaful Online Boutique

Bohemian Floral Round Tassel Hook Earrings – These earrings are super light and fun to wear! I ordered them in white. I know I will wear these all the time! You can shop this here.

Part 2: My Experience With Zaful Online Boutique

Other thoughts about my Zaful experience:

  • All of my items came in perfect condition.
  • My tops had little to no wrinkles.
  • No scent or odor on my items.
  • The shipment arrived quickly and didn’t get lost.

So in conclusion, I would shop from here again! If you missed part one, you can check it out here.
They have such a wide variety of fashion too. Check out Zaful today!

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  1. The “dress” id really cute. I like the yellow for fall wear, but yea. WAAAYYY too short. Maybe a younger niece or a tween might be able to wear it as a dress….with some tights or leggings underneath. I love both of your earring choices too!


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