Monday, October 21, 2019

Witnessing God During My Four Months of Travel in South America

Guest Post Written by Lauren Seager

There’s something slightly paradoxical about travelling. The further you explore, the bigger your world becomes. Yet, the world feels smaller.  It’s not hard to be hit with the incredible creativity of our God in making such a vast and varied world. Different countries have differing history, architecture, music, traditions, languages, food, art, mentalities, values, and landscapes, but wherever I went, I experienced creation declaring the beauty and glory of the same one true God.

It didn’t seem to matter where I found myself in the world; nature and the heavens declared His majesty and holiness. From the mountain tops[1] to vast lakes and rivers[2], from the roaring ocean[3] to the delicate flowers of the field[4], from the creatures of national parks and rainforests to the desolate expanse of the desert[5] – they all cried out: there is no other name in the heavens or on the earth who can save and is worthy of praise.

Witnessing God in South America

One night in particular, I saw the stars of the galaxy like never before. At 3:00 a.m. in the middle of nowhere on the Bolivian salt flats, we stood in the freezing cold in utter darkness. And yet the stars twinkled and shone from the highest point in the sky right down to the horizon and were reflected in the water beneath our feet. In that moment, being found in the middle of a 360-degree globe of stars, I realised on a much deeper level just how unworthy[6] I am before such a magnificent and holy God, and yet I am immeasurably loved. I am utterly insignificant in the expanse of the entire universe; however, I have been brought into the fold of God’s overwhelming merciful love and forgiveness – all because of Jesus.

Through such exposure to God’s creation and by experiencing such enormity and diversity, it struck me how much more our lives should reflect the glory of God as His children – His creation that bears His image. How often in my pride do I seek self-glorification and not seek to reflect the glory of God? Glory is something only God is worthy to receive. Mountains stand tall and reflect, albeit dimly, the powerful nature of our God. Birds sing in the morning, proclaiming His beauty in the dawn. The waves crash onto the shore and declare His great majesty and might.

Witnessing God in South America

So how much more should we – who can breathe, sing, dance, shout – how much more should we as His redeemed children live lives that reflect His redemptive and gracious nature? If Jesus, by whom all the world was created, came to serve, am I not compelled to lay my life down for my fellow man? Especially in this world that is tearing itself apart in its race for power, popularity, and gain? Should my perspective not be one of humble service? Should I not be used as a vessel of grace to a dying, hurting, broken world?

Each day the sun sets and the world becomes dark, faintly reflecting the death of Christ on our behalf. And yet each morning the sun rises, and the world is illuminated once again. It proclaims His resurrection. It shouts out His victory of light over darkness. When we are confronted with the cross and the resurrection, our utter depravity is laid bare; there is nothing in us that merits salvation, and yet Jesus bore our sin so that He could make us right with Him, rising victorious over the grave. It was His merit and His righteousness, not our own.

Witnessing God in South America

When I look at myself and my abilities, I can easily lose hope. But when I look up from myself and this world to look at Christ, as the sunrise declares each day, I see a daily reminder of His unfailing mercy.

Redemption is the most beautiful thing on earth and has been told by creation since time began; and it all points to who He is. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever[7]. Let us lift our eyes to fix our gaze on Christ. Let us live lives as an outpouring of worship to Him, because there is no other name on heaven or on earth to be praised.


Lauren Seager

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[5] Isaiah 40:3-5
[6] Psalm 8:3-4
[7] Hebrews 13:8


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