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Female Flyday Featuring Austin Jewelry Brand Tina Reddy Designs

It’s that special type of Friday, and I’m sure you know what I’m talking about! It’s none other than Female Friday. On these days, I share one awesome woman entrepreneur and her brand that is changing the game.

This Friday, let me introduce you to Tina Reddy from Tina Reddy Designs. I had the chance to ask her some questions about her brand and the heart behind it. Let me just preface this with the fact that her products are beautiful. I personally love that she’s taken accessories as popular as jewelry and really made something different and, in turn, gorgeous. Check out our interview below to get to know her and her brand better. And then hop on over to to shop!

Female Flyday Featuring Austin Jewelry Brand Tina Reddy DesignsFemale Flyday Featuring Austin Jewelry Brand Tina Reddy Designs

What inspired you to start Tina Reddy Designs?

From a very young age, I had a huge fascination for beautiful things around me. I think it came from watching my mom put together her beautiful clothes for events and flipping through editorial magazines. As a young adult, I got a diploma in fashion design and worked as a garment design / merchandiser in a design export firm. After this brief stint, life took a different path. I met my husband, moved towns, got married, did my business school and the rest now is history.

After my two kids and 10+ years in the corporate industry in varied domains, I felt the urge to rekindle my passion. I decided to pursue my creative interests, did a design course on jewelry from GIA and started designing my first collection. It was important to me to source materials that are ethically done, providing fair wages to artisans and keeping the line of production transparent.

Why is your line of products different from other jewelry brands?

Great question, it is important to set yourself apart in the industry that offers multitude of options. I think of jewelry as a way of expressing one’s taste in travel, culture, art or any other medium and by choosing a brand you choose to be part of their entire chain of production to every artisan who touches it. I want to design keeping that in mind, jewelry is very personal! It lets the wearer tell her story, speak her mind, express her personality.

TR designs offer statement as well as everyday-wear pieces in high quality, all at affordable prices to customers, and being an online player helps us achieve that cost.

Female Flyday Featuring Austin Jewelry Brand Tina Reddy DesignsFemale Flyday Featuring Austin Jewelry Brand Tina Reddy Designs

What is the design process behind the pieces?

The pieces are designed in Austin and produced in Jaipur by highly skilled artisans. Some of these crafts are so ancient, but are used to revive the techniques in the modern era. Nature inspires me the most. I’m lucky to have been able to travel to many countries and learn many cultures, which opened up my outlook towards art, which is why you will see very boho vibes in my lines. Architecture is another HUGE inspiration for me, and my next sprint summer collection is entirely inspired by modern architecture.

Tina Reddy Designs

What kind of people wear Tina Reddy Designs?

A TR woman truly embodies the spirit of today’s woman who is free spirited, independent and confident about herself. She is a working woman, homemaker, mother, wife, teacher, student, entrepreneur – my jewelry is for everyone. She appreciates quality and craftsmanship and always looks for brands that provide her the confidence to shop for herself or gift to her loved ones.

Female Flyday Featuring Austin Jewelry Brand Tina Reddy Designs

Out of the many products you carry, which is your favorite? Or favorites?

I love both my launch collections and had a hard time keeping it cohesive and my thoughts from free flowing. I love the pieces that are handmade; they have a raw appeal that you won’t find in high finish. A personal favorite is the hammered collection.

Tina Reddy Designs

Isn’t she awesome? I know you’re inspired to shop now, so check out her lovely products on her website and comment below with your thoughts. Follow Tina Reddy Designs along on Instagram and Facebook.

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