Saturday, September 21, 2019

Let’s Talk About Power

Let’s talk about power.
How do you measure how powerful a person is?
Is it based on their political office? How many people work for them?
Their salary? How many people know their name? Their social media following?

A wise person once said that the measurement of a
powerful person is how they treat the weak.

In this society, the weak one is the outcast, the sick, the immigrant, the disabled, the homeless, and the orphan. How do you care for the least of these? We need to remember this life isn’t about just ourselves. This world can make us feel like if just look out for ourselves, then we are doing it right.

Just look at how many people pour money into “self-help” books, products, procedures, and other extras. Why is the “I’ll donate money if I have any extra left over after all my needs and wants are fulfilled” mentality so prevalent?

We’ve got to do better.
I’m praying this week you find extra capability and compassion to use your power for the weak. Just like Jesus did with the leper, the Centurion, and thousands of others. 

So tell me, how you measure a powerful person? What are some ways you think we can help those who are weaker in our society?

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