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Baby Diaries: Perks of My Walmart Baby Registry

This post was written in partnership with Walmart.

Who here has created a baby registry before? I thought this process would be like a wedding registry but as one of the first people in my friend groups to actually have a baby, there was a lot less guidance this time around. Thankfully, I learned that some registries are more intuitive than others and the Walmart Baby Registry is one of these.

Walmart Baby Registry

If you didn’t know that Walmart had a great baby registry system, that’s most likely because it’s pretty new! Walmart revamped its personalized baby registry experience in April 2019 and it’s quickly becoming a go-to resource for families like mine!

You can see some of the items from my registry below! I am expecting girl (EEP) and I KNOW you’re not supposed to sign up for too many clothes, but come on! Everything at Walmart for baby girls is so cute. Also, their gender-neutral clothing is genuinely gender-neutral and stylish too. I signed up for an assortment of gender-neutral baby clothing and pink baby clothing on my Walmart registry. Also, the blanket in the background of these photos is also from Walmart.

Walmart Baby Registry

Why Choose Walmart’s Baby Registry?

Free Things Rock!

You get a welcome box! All you have to do is copy and paste your registry URL to qualify for a Complimentary Welcome Baby Registry box.

You’re Not Starting With Zero

They ask you just enough questions to pre-fill your registry so you aren’t starting completely from scratch. Can I tell you how amazing that is? To not stare at a screen as you do tons of research and add that first item to your list? You can then go in and add or remove items but it’s really helpful to have a starting point.

Walmart Baby Registry

The App Actually Works Really Well

If you want to register in-store, just use the Walmart app! The Walmart app allows you to register for products in-store by scanning an item’s UPC bar code, or browse thousands of the products you want by category wherever you are. You can even share your registry with friends and family via email, text or Facebook with the “Share” button.

Perks of a Massive Shopping Audience

Their items have tons of reviews because almost everyone has shopped at Walmart! This helps over-thinkers like myself because we can see how items have worked or not worked for others. And if you receive something but you’re just not 100% happy with it, Walmart has easy and free returns!

Walmart Baby Registry

Pretty Much A One-Stop-Shop

Their assortment of items is so vast that you can fulfill all of your baby’s needs by registering here. There is nothing like a genuine, one-stop-shop am I right? You can go from decor to diapers to formula to footie pajamas. Walmart’s baby selection has it all!

Walmart Baby Registry

I’m linking all the above items in the list below! These would be great to add to your own registry or buy for the next shower you go to!

Five Items to Add to Your Baby Registry

1. Philips Avent Ultra Soft Pacifier, 0-6 months, Pink/Peach, 2 pack, SCF213/20

2. Child Of Mine By Carter’s Short Sleeve Bodysuits, 3pk (Baby Girls)

3. Headband for Baby Girl, Cute 7 Pieces Hair Bows Clips Flower Ribbon Hair Accessories For Kids

4. Wonder Nation Baby Shower Layette Gift Set, 14pc (Baby Boys or Baby Girls, Unisex)

5. Parent’s Choice Rosette Baby Blanket, Gray

Walmart Baby Registry


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