The One Dress Every Woman Needs In Her Closet

This post is sponsored by Walmart. So, do you own any T-Shirt dresses? Because let me tell you, they are a game changer. I bought six from Walmart the other week and these dresses have served me so well!

Walmart Fashion

They are also currently on sale for $10.50! T-Shirt dresses are comfy, cute, work well with a growing pregnancy bump, and if you throw on some bike shorts underneath then they work with chasing after toddlers all day haha. You can shop all of the dresses I bought here.

I also bought three pairs of shoes to go with my T-Shirt dresses and these have all been my summer uniform.

Walmart Fashion

I’ve got the pillow slides for at home, the white slip-ons for errands and casual things, and then the studded sandals for when I want to dress up my outfit a little bit more!

These have been a best seller and I totally understand why! Right now Walmart is having thousands of new markdowns on summer fashion and up to 50% off Swim! If you are looking for Summer staples and must haves for the pool, now is definitely the time to shop! Also, one of my favorite lines, Free Assembly, has select styles now up to 40% off! The yellow and white stripe dress and the purple and pink stripe dress are Free Assembly.

White and Yellow Dress

Walmart offers a one-stop-shop for warm weather must-haves for the family. Shop swim, sandals, dresses, shorts, tanks/tees & more at unbeatable value. You can see everything I’ve recently shopped in the post below.

Walmart Summer Fashion
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