Friday, February 21, 2020

How to Pack for a Four Night Trip

Recently, I went on a trip to Morocco. Since we didn’t check-in any bags, I only packed a duffle bag and my tote purse. I knew packing would be complicated as we were planning on swimming, hiking in the mountains, eating out at nice restaurants, and walking through the city. To add to that, the highs and lows were twenty degrees apart so yes, things were a little more complicated. After carefully packing, I realized I had packed perfectly. I actually knew how to pack. In the end, I had an extra shirt and pair of underwear but otherwise, everything was used. Hopefully this comes in handy for you on your next trip to an eclectic city.

How to PackHow to Pack

I packed:

…and it all fit in my Vera Bradley duffle bag! Amazing!

How to Pack

I wore a pair of jeans and a t-shirt on the flight over there and a blouse and leggings on the way back. These are included in the list above. If you’re looking for just the right sized carry-on bag that expands and holds everything, I would highly suggest one from Vera Bradley. It will quickly become your most used travel item and you’re sure to love it! So tell me, did this help you learn how to pack?



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