[No. 39] Love Is Playing the Long-term Game

Love is playing the long-term game.

When hubster & I first started to go out on dates, we didn’t hold hands, and he didn’t kiss me goodnight.

I didn’t think anything of it on the first date, or the second, or even the third.

But by the eighth date, I was like what in the world is wrong?

My mints, chapstick, and moisturizer game were STRONG people (LOLOL),

and I thought I was giving off the “HI KISS ME/AT LEAST HOLD MY HAND” vibes to him.

It wasn’t until he asked me to be his girlfriend that those things happened and it wasn’t until I was a wife that other things did.

When I asked him why he waited months to make the first physical move, his answer resonated with me.

In the past, he had moved quickly and built that initial relationship on more than conversation and quality time.

That prevented him from creating a solid friendship first, something he was keen not to weaken this time around.

He wanted to play the long-term game with me, and even though I thought I was going crazy, I’m so glad he did.

In a world that romanticizes “wam-bam-thank you ma’am” it is OKAY to move slowly.

Believe that.

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