[No. 8] Love Is Telling the Truth in Love

What is love? Love is telling the truth in love.

People often fall into one of two categories.

1) They tell the blunt truth but without kindness, warmth and patience.

You know these people,

they feel oh so justified by saying,

“Well, I’m just being honest!”

Then there’s the second category.

2) People who love others well but never speak truth

because they’re scared, nervous, and/or hate disapproval.

You know these people,

they often say,

“Well, my actions speak louder than words.”

The truth is, you can’t do one without the other,

and it’s hard to do both consistently.

Harsh honesty does nobody any good.

Loving someone with your heart but not speaking out when they need to hear truth isn’t really loving them.

Whichever category you may lean towards,

here’s some food for thought.

What would it look like to love someone deeply AND honestly?

With kindness, patience, AND truth?

Ephesians 4:14-15

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