[No. 74] Stop Saying That You Are Colorblind Or That You Don’t See Color

I’ve heard two phrases a lot lately. The first one is, “I don’t see color” and the second one is, “I am colorblind.” I want, in love, to make sure people know neither is appropriate. I get the heart behind it. Believe me, I do. You’re trying to say that color doesn’t define a person (which is good!). But then that statement also says you don’t see a significant part of someone’s identity. Genuinely, I want you to see my color. I want you to see me the way God designed me. I want you to acknowledge the history, present stories, and future challenges that come with that color.

Throwing a blanket, “I’m colorblind when it comes to people” concludes in zero conversations happening. And these conversations are what we need to change stereotypes, pre-made judgments, hesitation, or ignorance. Color is one of many attributes that make people who they are, but a 100% focus of it or 100% ignorance of it aren’t the way to go about loving & understanding people. So, the next time you hear someone say, “We don’t see color…” maybe think of a gentle way to tell them, you should.

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  1. This is really fascinating to me! I have always said I don’t see color but I think what I really mean is I don’t see stereotypes. I strive to see people as individuals. I want to know their story, which may include ethnicity – but that is just one part of that person.

  2. This is very interesting, because as myself I’m asian but I was raised in Brazil where cultural mix is high. I think we can see other attributes with color but we can also segregate it. I didn’t like to be called as yellow, sounded that I was different. Which thinking of it now, it is not so bad. I think I just don’t like with the idea that people expect us to be one way, just because our skin color. Thank you for your point of view.

  3. I immediately consider anyone who says they don’t see color (unless they are legitimately color blind ) a LIAR. I think everyone sees color. The only thing that counts is how we react to that color when we see it. And please don’t tell me that people don’t have biased stereo types about that color. It’s just that a small percentage still match that stereotype and a growing larger percentage do not. And, just as first impressions count huge in job interviews – first impressions also count equally huge when we meet new people (no matter their color – including white). The bottom line, when we all meet new people we will size each other up – figure out who they are & what they are all about. It’s human nature….. From that size up we will determine what we want our relationship with them to be. THAT CANNOT BE LEGISLATED. No one can demand it to be otherwise. If your a jerk (Black, White, Yellow, Red, Blue or Green) people will sort that out in a heartbeat and determine they want anything to do with you. On the other hand, if your a nice person, you will attract many friends of various colors. I expect there are still that 15% to 20% (of all colors) who function differently & want to stick with the old birds of the same feather – stick together rule. But, there is nothing you can do to change them. In other words – if your a radical left wing rioter & looter who is demanding to be accepted in civil society (no matter their color), chances are you will be very disappointed with their response – as they avoid you like the Plaque.


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