Small Business Saturday Featuring Chloe and Lines by CoCo

I love sharing some of my favorite small businesses with you sweet people. I want you to know about them and love them as much as I do! Chloe’s art is the kind of work everyone needs to know about. Check out our Q&A below and her IG for her work!

What inspired you to start Lines by CoCo?

Junior year of college, I was admittedly doodling my way through an art seminar with a beautiful stranger-girl as my muse. She had bright pink hair. She noticed me drawing her and what felt rather embarrassing at the moment led to what is, today, my full time “career,” a word that has still yet to make a home in my natural vocabulary. My beautiful stranger-girl muse ended up being the first to ever want my art for purchase, which somehow rapidly escalated into me scanning my entire sketchbook. Her simple ask for a print opened a whole new part of my mind: even though I was in school for studio art, I’d never even dreamt of making a living off of art alone. “Business” always felt like such a dirty word, but business is what turned my doodling into a living…into Lines by CoCo.

Lines by CoCo Beautiful Prints Online

How would you describe your creative process?

I’ve made a ritual of continually tending to my garden of inspiration, seeking out books, fabrics, women, movies, and, of course, other artist’s work. This hurls me into the rhythm that is the beginning of creation. My art starts as a simple drawing but ends up looking something of an entirely abstract version of that original thought.

Lines by CoCo Beautiful Prints Online
Artist: Chloe

What’s your go-to quote?

“When you see something beautiful in someone, speak it.” The most simple of lessons that my sweet momma taught me from who knows what age. I’ll always compliment beauty because it not only makes other people feel lovely but it creates in me a disposition to compulsively see beautiful qualities in any given person’s mind or form or laugh or posture, which I find so fun. This honestly informs much of my art and is a rather practical way that I create an atmosphere of inspiration around me.

Small Business Saturday Featuring Chloe and Lines by CoCo
My New Lines by CoCo Prints

What’s your advice for someone who says they’re just not creative?

I’d suggest finding art from any creative person’s humble beginnings. I promise, they’re never cute whatsoever. Like anything, creativity takes discipline and growth.

Out of the many pieces you’ve created, which is your favorite? Or favorites?

I’d say that my most favorite is a piece that I named “In the Stillness.” I tend to create in a bit of haste, so I thought I’d challenged myself to sit with the painting for an hour. I wasn’t sure what’d come off an hour, but I beyond surprised myself. It was such a treat to see the fruit that comes with time. 

Lines by CoCo Beautiful Prints Online

I hope you enjoyed this Q&A with Chloe! Her work is so lovely and I think every home would benefit from having her pieces in it! Check her out on Instagram while you’re at it!


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