Monday, January 24, 2022

[No. 20] Love Is Giving Generously

What is love? Love is giving generously.
I heard a sermon yesterday about how we often believe that we are entitled to the things that we have.
Does the fact that you “worked for it” make you feel that it is yours,
and not open to giving it away?
The point of the message was to view everything, good and bad,
as a gift from God because when we do that,
it’s far easier to share generously.
This really resonated with me because,
although I like to think I’m a generous person,
I’m often generous as long as it is comfortable for me,
within my “means”, reciprocated, or a little bit out of the way.
But marriage has started to change that.

One of my favorite things about marriage is how two persons become one.
Each starts to exhibit the good character traits of the other.
Generosity is one of his strengths.
I’m thankful he has such a generous heart because it’s teaching me the ways I am not.
From unquestioningly pulling up on the side of the road to help a homeless man,
to seeking out the “wallflower” at a social engagement,
to getting a coffee with a friend that he knows needs some venting time,
he’s generous with his time, money, & compassion.
I’m thankful to have a partner that motivates me to grow in that area,
since so often we do not.

Do you have someone that motivates you to give more generously?
Are you willing to give beyond your comfort for the benefit of others?
Do you agree that love is giving generously?
Maybe, this holiday season, you could think about what you’re going to give
(physically, mentally & emotionally) and not what you’re going to get.

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