My Date Night Hair : Coconut Oil, Shampoo, Condition, Style!

Date night is one of my favorite nights ever! It gives hubby and I the chance to reconnect after our long weeks. It also helps us try new restaurants around town. Most importantly, it forces me to put away my sweatpants, get off of the couch (where there is surely a firm indentation from my behind), and put my work away. I can get lost in writing for hours so it is SO healthy to have date night.

For date night, I usually wear something I’ve been wanting to wear all week but didn’t. And for my hair, I like to condition it with hot oil, wash it with coconut oil shampoo, and condition it with coconut oil conditioner. Yes, I like coconut oil haha. My mother used to apply coconut oil for every family member, every Saturday growing up. I am so thankful for her initiative because now we have great hair (humble much?). Not to mention, my mom got her first gray hair at 40!

hot oil hair treatment coconut oil

Coconut oil hair treatments are quickly spreading throughout the U.S. but you don’t have to go to some fancy spa to get this treatment. You can buy coconut oil from many brands these days and apply it yourself. The products I used were all HASK hair products. You can purchase them from their website or at your local drugstore/Target. P.S. they don’t test on animals!

hot oil hair treatment

These products aren’t expensive products AND they work so dang thoroughly on my hair. My hair is thick, coarse, and dry (I bleached it blonde in March). Luckily for me, these coconut oil products worked so well and I plan to buy them more soon.

So tell me, what is your date night hair standard? Have you ever used a hot oil hair treatment before?


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