[No. 10] Love Is Oneness

What is love? Love is oneness.

What do I mean?

I mean that it’s not his family or my family, it’s our family.

It’s not his money or my money, it’s our money.

It’s not his time or my time it’s our time.

And yes, It’s not his goals or my goals, it’s our goals.

We lay out all the cards on the table and figure out,

where do we go next that is best for the both of us,

not just one?

It’s sharing our truest, deepest dreams with each other and figuring out how we can achieve them together.

One is not the hero and one is not the sidekick.

We are both a team,

walking side by side,

lifting each other up when the other is tired or down.

It’s that one cannot and will not leave the other because we share the same heart.

A bustling city or booming career pales in comparison to companionship that grows old with you.

Compromise on both ends is tough work and these days,

pretty rare.

But there is such joy that comes from supporting each other and staying together as one.

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Title image captured by Allison Stoddard Photography


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