Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Frozen Vegan Hot Chocolate Recipe

Let me just tell you this frozen hot chocolate is amazing. I didn’t follow any recipe and just experimented with the ingredients but it came out tasting great! I love a classic hot chocolate as much as the next person but sometimes, when you live in Texas and it’s 75° in December, you crave a frozen hot chocolate! You can make this not vegan of course by just subbing those ingredients with the versions that have dairy in them.

Frozen Vegan Hot Chocolate RecipeFrozen Vegan Hot Chocolate Recipe

Frozen Hot Chocolate Ingredients

  1. Semi-sweet chocolate chips
  2. Hazelnut spread (organic)
  3. Almond milk
  4. Cocoa powder (organic)
  5. Ice
  6. Peanut butter coconut cookies (organic)
  7. Coconut whip cream
  8. Candy canes
  9. Powdered Sugar
  10. Sprinkles
  11. Decor: Santa hats/Straws

Frozen Vegan Hot Chocolate RecipeFrozen Vegan Hot Chocolate Recipe

Steps (serves 1-2)

  1. Blend a cup of ice, a cup of milk, 2 tablespoons of cocoa, 2 tablespoons of chocolate chips, 1/2 a tablespoon of powdered sugar, and a few peanut butter cookies.
  2. Pour the frozen vegan hot chocolate mixture into your cups.
  3. Melt the hazelnut spread and pour it into a Ziploc bag corner so that you can make the Ziploc bag into a mini cone, cut the edge very slightly, and use to drizzle on top.
  4. Top the frozen hot chocolate with whip cream.
  5. Drizzle hazelnut hazelnut spread.
  6. Top with chocolate chips & sprinkles.
  7. Garnish with candy canes, Santa hat, and straw. I picked these up from Hobby Lobby because I thought they were just too cute!
  8. Enjoy your frozen vegan hot chocolate!

Frozen Vegan Hot Chocolate RecipeFrozen Vegan Hot Chocolate RecipeIf you make this frozen vegan hot chocolate, tag me @thehonestShruth because I LOVE seeing what y’all make or any versions of this! 🙂


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