UPPAbaby VISTA: The Best Stroller Every Parent Needs

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of UPPAbaby. All opinions are 100% mine.

Shopping for the best stroller is similar to shopping for a car. But even more complicated. There are hundreds of stylish options out there, and everyone has an opinion! The first time we went stroller shopping, we left feeling fried. Seriously. As stroller newbies, we knew nothing! After that first innocent perusal, we went home and spent hours researching.

We researched for hours, and our ultimate stroller criteria sounded like this:

We wanted the best stroller that was stylish, easy to transport, had several compartments without feeling bulky, was safe, came highly recommended by other parents, and was from a trusted brand. All of our research took us to the UPPAbaby brand! You can imagine my total thrill to partner with the winning stroller brand! Since I’ve had the UPPAbaby BRYCE VISTA, my best friend has the same one too, haha. Several mothers have messaged me on social media also, and I can confidently let them know that this stroller is all they’ve heard about and more.

We walk every day with our daughter in the stroller, and several months in, she still loves it! The UPPAbaby VISTA is easy to walk with on all sorts of terrain (think gravel, concrete, grass) and SO simple to put away. Not to mention, we can use either the Bassinet or the car seat with the UPPAbaby VISTA!

UPPAbaby Vista: The Best Stroller Every Parent NeedsUPPAbaby Vista: The Best Stroller Every Parent Needs

Other UPPAbaby accessories I recommend are:

  • JORDAN MESA – This chemical flame retardant free car seat smoothly works with the stroller. Our girl will nap for hours in this car seat because she finds it so comfortable!
  • Bassinet Stand – The first several weeks from the hospital, this bassinet stand was a life-saver for us! She slept in this stand while we were around, and if we wanted to go on a walk, we just popped the bassinet from the stand onto the stroller! Plus, you can make this bassinet stand into a laundry hamper!
  • VISTA Travel Bag – We travel a lot, so we love that the travel bag protects our VISTA! Also, if you register your Travel Bag online, the TravelSafe program covers any damage incurred to your VISTA during air travel.
  • PiggyBack – Okay, this board is impressive. You can have your toddler stand on the PiggyBack board while your other baby is in the car seat or bassinet.
  • Cup Holder – We have two of these! Since we go on walks so often with our baby, we keep our waters or cold coffees in these cup holders.
  • JORDAN Changing Backpack – This is the only diaper bag or changing backpack that my husband and I agreed on! I kept picking ones he said he would never carry and vice versa, haha. You can also easily attach it to the back of the stroller!
  • Snack Tray – We have this for when baby girl gets a little older. This snack tray has both a drink holder and a smooth snacking surface that attaches directly to the stroller.
  • Carry-All – This light-weight attachment has several, easy-access pockets for various beverages or snacks, and a large zipper pocket for personal items.
  • Pink Knit Blanket – Our baby girl loves this blanket. We use it almost every single day, it’s easy to keep clean, and it’s chic too! It comes in other colors as well.

UPPAbaby Vista: The Best Stroller Every Parent NeedsUPPAbaby Vista: The Best Stroller Every Parent Needs

I hope you find this helpful! Getting ready for a new baby is so exciting but buying the right items can feel overwhelming. We love this brand and eagerly recommend it to any parent in search of the best stroller and accessories for their family!


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