H O T   O F F   T H E   P R E S S

Off-the-Shoulder Trend

I love the off-the-shoulder trend. Sure, everybody and their mom seems to be on the bandwagon for this trend but I mean, why not? It’s so comfortable, sexy without showing too much, and versatile! You can have off-the-shoulder tops or dresses and they can range from sundress to cocktail attire. I love it. I bought two dresses this past year and they have been put to good use. One is made up of jean material and I bought it in some little store in Amsterdam. The other is made up of a light chiffon & lace and again, I bought it in some boutique in Malaga. I don’t know of any brands that specialize in off the shoulder dresses, which makes this trend even more appealing. You can literally buy a $5 or $500 dress, but the style is the same. Below are a few of my favorite amazon options in case you’re interested in doing a little shopping!

L O N G   S H O P

S H O R T   S H O P

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