Celebrating Advent With Toddlers

My toddlers are 2 and 3 this year so I figured it was the perfect time to start teaching them about Advent and celebrating with them. How cute is this calendar!! As my mom always says, anticipation before an event is half the fun! So here we are building that anticipation for Christmas Day. I included bible verses and a little gift in each pocket.

Christian Advent Calendar for toddlers

Some days are for both of the kids and some days are for one of the kids (not enough space to put two toys in sometimes and also don’t want to spend too much on this toddler advent calendar!).

Advent Calendar for toddlers


I bought this specific calendar because I liked the bigger size. It’s also SO CUTE.

This is what I put in the calendar:

-Bible verses from Happy Home Fairy. These were created using the International Children’s Bible and the Easy Reader’s Version of the Bible so great for toddlers!

-Fruit snacks

-Cheddar bunnies

-Graham crackers




-Toy car

-Hair accessories

-Bouncy ball

-Mini DIY art projects



I am soooo happy with the way this came out. Today is the first day of Advent and I can’t wait to open December 1st with my kiddos tonight after dinner.

Advent Calendar for toddlers
Christian Advent Calendar for toddlers





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