Airplane Face Care in Five Simple Steps

For the longest time, every single flight I took resulted in my face breaking out. And honestly, I like souvenirs from cities that aren’t on my face. I’d get on the flight with clear skin ready to take on the world and get off of the flight feeling exhausted and inevitably carrying a new pimple or two.

I was determined to find a fix to this and I think by golly I’ve finally got it. My most recent flights back from Morocco, Houston, and Bali followed all of these guidelines and voila clear skin.

  1. Don’t wear makeup on the flight, or at least face makeup (not eye makeup). Your face literally dehydrates of all moisture in the plane and is so thirsty. Your pores soak in whatever is on your face, hoping its moisturizing, and makeup with in-organic chemicals can’t be broken down. That air mixes with your makeup on top of your skin and voila, breakouts.
  2. Drink water constantly. Sure, it’s annoying to get up to go to the bathroom, especially if you’re sitting by the window, but I promise you, your hydrated skin will be so thankful.
  3. Speaking of hydrating your skin, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize before you get to the airport! I usually use argan oil on my face and then apply makeup twenty minutes before we land.
  4. Don’t touch your face. Seems pretty obvious except when you’re opening your food tray and then pushing the hair back behind your ear and your hand grazes your face, breakouts. Or let’s say you are wearing sunglasses and then you take your glasses off while you’re chatting and hold onto them and then put them back on your face and then, breakouts. I’m not even joking…these have all happened to me.
  5. Keep face wipes and use them right before you land. Wipe all the grime off of your face, your phone, and your hands.

Some of my favorite products to help with clear skin on a flight are below.
I’ve linked them all with amazon to make it easier for y’all.

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What products do you use to keep your face clear before/during/after a flight?

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