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You guys know that I absolutely love me some fashion that pays it forward. How about stunning fashion that pays for education? Bloom and Give has extraordinary products that promote an exceptional vision. Every purchase helps send a girl in India to school. How? Half the profits from the sale of each item go towards girls’ education. Isn’t that incredible? Half the profits. Let’s focus on that for a second. Not five percent, not ten percent, but a whopping fifty percent helps more girls get the gift of education in India. The scarf I bought is below.

Bloom and Give Shop

It came with a handwritten card from one of the girls in the program (so sweet) and was packaged in a cloth B&G bag. My scarf was handwoven in Kashmir, India, using fine merino wool. This product uses skills artisans have passed down through generations. You can check out several nifty ways to tie the scarf through their many videos. Personally, I love Bloom and Give’s pairing of traditional artistry with modern design. I also love that they work with small co-ops that share their relentless pursuit of excellence and quality, plus their belief in fair wages (Woot! Woot!).

Bloom and Give Scarf

Why does Bloom and Give focus on education?

We have all heard that “Education is power,” but what does that mean exactly? In developing countries like India, education is the most effective way for a girl to escape the cycle of abuse, childhood marriage, and preteen pregnancy. When we look at girls who get a middle school education four years down the road, they have two fewer children and double the income of girls who didn’t. Besides the physical benefits, educated women also make their communities more tolerant and open-minded.

Bloom and Give Shop

Where does your money go?

When you purchase a product from Bloom and Give, the money goes to two kinds of programs – the Grassroots Program or the Targeted Program. You can read more about these programs here.

As an Indian woman with a college education, I understand how different my circumstances would have been if my parents and I did not have the educations we do. I am so thankful for it and hope that I never forget that. You can make a difference by shopping responsibly and shopping with purpose. Follow Bloom and Give on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter for more information.

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