Monday, January 24, 2022

[No. 13] Love Is Seeking Harmony

What is love? Love is seeking harmony.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t always have to be right.

You’re going to live another day even if you don’t win the argument.

And, you don’t have to get the last word in.

Love is caring more for harmony than coming out on top.

In moments of disagreement, it’s about seeing the other person,

whether that’s your spouse or friend, as your teammate rather than your opponent.

In moments of hurt, it’s about being the first to forgive and seek reconciliation.

When my husband and I get into disagreements,

the easiest thing is to exchange one hurt for another.

But with humility in harmony, we can look past our hurt, forgive quickly,

and transition into using our different perspectives as an opportunity to learn.

If the issue doesn’t reach this point, it remains a waste of time and energy

…and it leaves us wounded.

That’s a dangerous place to be in because those wounds fester,

and one day,

even a simple issue could bring out all the other wounds that never healed.

Next time you’re in an argument,

ask yourself this:

Is winning the argument more valuable than the relationship itself?

Am I bringing old issues back up in this current disagreement?

Do I even want harmony?

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