Wednesday, June 26, 2019

[No. 50] Love Is Healthy

What is love? Love is healthy.

The world unhealthily keeps telling us “Do what makes you happy,” “How can this friend benefit me,”
“No more spark,” “Try it before you buy it,” “Out with the old and in with the new,” “We fell out of love,” & the list goes on.

Healthy love is staying in the slow seasons and the fast ones & picking up slack when the other falls.
It is encouraging the other to be their best, learning always, & giving MORE than you take.

Here’s an unhealthy love check-list:
▪️overanalyzing texts/communication
▪️being incredibly picky about the other person
▪️feeding anxiety by wondering if you are ____ enough
▪️only having huge highs/lows
▪️assuming the worst
▪️making up for pain with grand gestures

There is much JOY that comes from a healthy relationship.
Why miss out on that because you’re focused on a party of one instead of being one?
How can you love the ones near you today?

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