Friday, February 21, 2020

Somehow, Airports Bring Us Together

The world seems to be more divided than ever. I originally planned to post today about pro-life, pro-choice, and pro-refugee arguments but once I arrived in Morocco, I changed my tune. I think it’s because travel is one of my favorite experiences in the whole world and reminds me that the differences between people can be beautiful.

So I’ll leave my somber “thoughts” platform aside for the day and share with you about common situations that unite us in the world, or at least in airports.

  1. Walking on both the left and right side. We think it’s the left in London and the right in America. Needless to say, its consistently chaos.
  2. Mentioning the word “Texas” and everybody knowing exactly where/what it is. “OH yes Texas!” I think next time I’ll try something like Montana and see if it gets the same amount of excitement.
  3. Rushing like mad through security at an airport only to get to the gate early and people watch.
  4. Enjoying the complete relief of fifty pound baggage.
  5. Staring at the sun only to see black spots after a few moments.
  6. Not actually turning cellphones on airplane mode.
  7. Unintentionally, hating the customs guy.
  8. Sending that last text before the flight attendant chimes in.
  9. Never touching the safety on-board instructions because you know it houses 739884329 germs.
  10. Taking your shoes off on a plane and pretending like your socks smell lovely.
  11. Looking out the window wondering what city you’re hovering over.
  12. Smiling when you don’t have to take your shoes off at security.
  13. Debating if the clouds are cumulus or stratus.
  14. Regretting that all your liquids aren’t in plastic bags.
  15. Feeling incredibly awkward when walking through the metal detector even though you’re just a normal person with a strange facial expression.
  16. Giving your friend/partner crap for getting searched at security.
  17. Trying to drink a lot of water on the flight but then little bottles of wine somehow make their way onto your tray table.
  18. Complaining about airplane food but secretly fist pumping.
  19. Huffing and puffing when someone puts their luggage in the bin above your head, so then you do that to someone else.
  20. Sprinting to the bathroom when you can finally get up out of your seat.
  21. Hoping you had dowloaded all your Spotify songs before boarding.
  22. Wondering why the loudest people are always Americans.
  23. Rolling those eyes every time you have to wait in line.
  24. Thinking you’ll dress chic like that woman in all black and stilettos next time.
  25. Hesitating to recline your chair so it doesn’t have sudden movements.
  26. Wishing crying babies’ parents well and hell at the same time.
  27. Holding your nose to pop your ears so you can hear.
  28. Muttering under your breath why you’re group four instead of group 1.
  29. Waiting for your baggage like a kid on Christmas Day.
  30. Feeling like family with all the people who were at the gate and then on the plane with you, especially on an international flight. “Oh there’s Uncle big belly! What a guy. And there’s pink haired lady! We made it!!” Nope? Just me?

Do you have any to add airport behaviors to the list? What number(s) can you relate to?

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