Wednesday, December 7, 2022

101 Odd Things I’m Thankful For

T-minus one day until Thanksgiving! I know we are all thankful for the obvious blessings in our lives like family, friends, health, etc., but what about the not so obvious?

  1. Having just enough milk left for another bowl of cereal
  2. Finding your passport the morning of your flight
  3. Paid time off
  4. The Starbucks barista spelling your name correctly
  5. The Starbucks barista saying your name correctly
  6. Waking up after a full night’s sleep
  7. Puppy kisses
  8. Any type of all you can eat buffet
  9. Satisfaction after an amazing parallel parking job
  10. Not chipping a nail immediately after getting them done
  11. When everyone finishes the dessert you brought to the party
  12. Having just enough layers on
  13. Unknowingly stepping over the dog poo on the sidewalk
  14. The first words in a new journal
  15. Waking up to sweet messages from your friends
  16. Fast WiFi at a coffee shop
  17. Good drama on the real housewives
  18. Hitting 10,000 steps before dinner
  19. Getting to the front of a line
  20. Music with good lyrics and a great beat
  21. Coworkers that make you excited to go to work
  22. Having a dance party of one every now and then
  23. Coming home to a hot meal
  24. Making dinner with food just before it expires
  25. Getting the middle seats in a movie theater
  26. Finding those pair of discounted shoes in your size
  27. Not getting frisked at the airport… 🙂 
  28. Candles that burn for a long time
  29. Peace that comes after a yoga practice
  30. Lying down on top of warm laundry
  31. That full belly feeling after a fantastic meal
  32. People who use apostrophes correctly
  33. Big bear hugs
  34. The comfort of a towel after a shower
  35. Friends who know you without you having to explain yourself
  36. The thorough anticipation before a drop in a song
  37. The thorough satisfaction after a drop in a song
  38. Saving enough miles for a free trip
  39. Finishing a work day
  40. Submitting your taxes
  41. Familiar faces in public
  42. Journals that take you back to a moment
  43. Pictures that take you back to a feeling
  44. No hair growing on your toes
  45. Free drinks on a night out
  46. Taking out the trash without ripping the bag
  47. People who take a chance on you
  48. Having just enough bobby pins
  49. Front facing cameras so I don’t have to guess what I’m shooting at
  50. Socks with no holes in them
  51. When the Advil finally kicks in
  52. Remembering to use both base-coat AND topcoat
  53. Finding a seat on the tube during morning commute
  54. Color
  55. Willy Wonka memes
  56. Harry Potter references in everyday conversation
  57. Apologies from unexpected people
  58. Hunt for the Wilderpeople
  59. Babies’ wrinkly hands
  60. Tea – peppermint, masala chai, earl grey, all of them!
  61. The elegance of pearls  
  62. Grandmother kisses
  63. More options than salad for a vegetarian
  64. Actually pulling off that outfit you didn’t think you could
  65. Rejection from something I thought would be best for me
  66. Symmetry
  67. Baristas who make amazing foam art in my latte
  68. Lipstick that both moisturizes and looks fabulous
  69. Orlando Bloom’s shiny blonde hair in Lord of the Rings
  70. Using a coupon
  71. The feeling of sand under your bare feet
  72. Waking up to sunshine in your face
  73. Finding out there’s chocolate at the bottom of your ice-cream cone
  74. Hitting all the green lights
  75. People who say naan instead of naan bread
  76. Presidential terms lasting only four years long
  77. The overwhelming smell of fabric softener when you accidentally use too much
  78. Auto-save on Microsoft word
  79. Fuzzy blankets
  80. Fuzzy socks
  81. Saying compliments to the chef after a fantastic meal
  82. People saying “bless you” after I sneeze.
  83. Man buns
  84. Cinnamon buns
  85. Actually knowing the lyrics to a Rihanna song
  86. Cable-knit sweaters
  87. Heels that don’t destroy your feet
  88. People who save me the trouble of wondering if they’re mad at me by using emojis and punctuation in text messages.
  89. All of my husband’s clothes
  90. The triangles on your carpet after you vacuum
  91. A firm handshake
  92. That one french fry that’s just a little bit burned
  93. Twelve weeks past your last haircut and you still don’t have split ends!
  94. Cold water on a hot summers day
  95. Hot chocolate on a cold winters day
  96. Articles that educate
  97. Being greeted at the airport
  98. Uber drivers that don’t get lost
  99. Breakfast tacos (raises hands in the air like a hallelujah)
  100. When a house turns into a home
  101. Making people laugh, even just for a second

So tell me, which one is your favorite? Do you have any odd things to add to the list? Comment below friends!


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