Being Pregnant During a Pandemic

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I thought having babies back to back was wild enough. Little did I know that this second pregnancy would take place during an international pandemic. There have been many curveballs and challenges with growing a baby during a pandemic, but to be honest, I feel stronger both physically and mentally than I was several months ago. Why? Read on! I also encourage you to reflect on how you “CHEWS” to be strong during the curveballs of this year!

OBGYN Visits

Hubby made it to every single appointment besides two with our first kiddo. In this second pregnancy, it’s been the opposite. He was only allowed into two before COVID measures started restricting spouses. It hurt when we thought we were losing our baby, and he couldn’t make it inside the appointment to hear his heartbeat or how he couldn’t see the gender reveal ultrasound with me. Even with masks, hand sanitizer galore, and social distancing, I choose to look forward to the fact that he will be allowed into the hospital room during labor.

Friends & Celebrations

One thing I loved about pregnancy was all the celebrations. We had three baby showers with our first pregnancy. Because of this Pandemic, we have no baby showers planned. At first, this was hard for us to stomach, but we are choosing to be strong by celebrating in our own ways, however small! We are staying positive, writing our baby letters, and getting his room together, just the two of us.

Spending Time with Our Daughter

The thing about a global pandemic is that babies and some ages of children have no idea what is going on. They still want to play, eat, sleep, cuddle, and be loved no matter the stress around us! We have chosen to make beautiful memories with our daughter during this time because even though she won’t remember much during this time, she will remember how we made her feel.

What Helped with Pregnancy During this Pandemic

Establishing a routine early on was a huge blessing. When this Pandemic started, none of us knew how long we would be in quarantine. Some of us thought it would be weeks, and some thought a couple of months. I’ve kept a routine with my food – eating mostly vegan, and taking my Viactiv supplements and prenatal vitamins. I’ve also followed a healthy routine by walking consistently and sleeping appropriately. When the going gets tough, it’s easy for healthy habits to go out the window. But choosing to be determined and motivated with a routine has helped big time!

Getting My Pregnant Self Ready for Labor

With our first, I had both a doula and hubby in the room and several nurses and doctors. I’ve heard that this time around, it will be the bare minimum amount of staff and maybe a doula depending on the month of delivery! My friends who have recently delivered said they went through labor while wearing masks, which gives me anxiety. Some of my friends went home after one night instead of two in the hospital, so we shall see what they allow us to do! I’m emotionally preparing myself for a more challenging labor experience.

There are vast differences between this pregnancy and my previous one, that is for sure. But taking care of my physical and mental health and choosing to be strong during this time has resulted in a happy pregnancy and eager mom! We can’t wait to meet our little boy so soon!

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How did you “CHEWS” to be strong this year? Tell me below!

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