Bride Series: Don’t Skip the Wedding Videographer

I am not ashamed to admit I interviewed and vetted almost ten videographers before we hired one. You can watch our wedding video by Spinning Leaf Films by clicking on the blue link!

This was the second vendor we chose, right after our wedding planner, because it is that important. You might be thinking, “Film is unnecessary. Photographs capture everything.” AHH. Let me stop you right there. As a former film student, events are ALL about film. Film can even give you the stills that photography gives you at just as high of quality. I went with both photography and videography so that our creatives had extra freedom and one vendor wasn’t pressured to capture every waking moment. When they have more freedom, they perform better. Make sense? But people, please, do not forgo the video. Some people have told me, “Oh, I’ve been married for fifteen years and never watched my wedding video.” My general train of thought is, “Okay, you clearly didn’t have the right videographer.”

The right videographer is someone who helps you remember the complete amazingness of your special day. They are invisible during your actual day but somehow manage to capture everything. They are personable, knowledgeable, up to date with current technology, and great with communication. We read reviews on Yelp, Google, The Knot, and WeddingWire, then we narrowed down our list, then spoke to everyone on the phone or in person, and THEN looked at prices. I didn’t want to be swayed by money initially, just talent and personality. Yeah, it would have been terrible if everyone we liked was really highly priced, but this was one of the wedding items we were prepared to spend on. For me, it was all about the video because I knew I would blank out on parts of our wedding from just the overwhelming nature of weddings.

Here are things I missed until I saw the video:

  1. All the details (flowers, decor, outfits, cake) we spent hours selecting for our wedding!! HOURS!!
  2. All of our favorite people who actually were there! We had 450 guests, so we didn’t get to chat with every single person, but it was great seeing who made it.
  3. The way my husband looked at me when I walked down the aisle. I was so happy in that moment in real life, I kind of blanked out completely haha! I remember the feeling, but seeing the video just completed that memory for me.
  4. The toasts our best men and maids of honor gave.
  5. Our bad-ass dances and dance mo0oves.
  6. Seeing our friends have the absolute times of their lives.

You need a videographer friends! If you want some help finding the right wedding videographer for you, comment below! I’m so happy to help you find your right videographer. Believe me, it’s worth it.

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  1. Thank you for writing this! My wife and I took the plunge to be wedding videographers, and 2020 was our first year to really go for it (which has turned into a really weird year for it…)

    So all this to say, THANK YOU! I’m so encouraged to hear a bride bursting with as much passion and vision for videography as we have!!


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