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Cinnamon Bazaar Restaurant Review, Covent Garden, London

We recently went to Cinnamon Bazaar in Covent Garden, London. I’m really excited to share this review with you because it is one of the tastiest Indian restaurants in London, and it’s relatively new. If I could eat Indian food for every meal, you know I would. My husband feels the same way. Trying new Indian restaurants in London is one of our pastimes, and we are working on a comprehensive guide to the best in London, coming soon!

Anyway, let me tell you about Cinnamon Bazaar.


Hands down, this is one of the prettiest Indian restaurants in London. The pale pink and green, golden foil, and bold prints throughout the restaurant make for a very colorful yet cohesive decor. From their wallpaper to the flooring to the ceiling, they cleverly bring together so many patterns. I really want to imitate their wallpaper in my own home! When you look up you’ll notice they have many hanging plants and sheets of brightly colored fabrics. It is all so lovely and bright, just the way an Indian restaurant should be.

Cinnamon Bazaar Covent Garden

Besides the obvious decor, their serving dishes, the kettle pot for chai, and other props are also bold and appealing. I’m a fan of delicious, hole-in-the-wall Indian restaurants that don’t spend any money on decoration, but I also love the Indian restaurants that give you a full experience with your meal. I don’t think the noise levels at Cinnamon Bazaar are too loud, and I think that’s due to the elongated shape of the restaurant. Also, there is no seating outdoors.

Cinnamon Bazaar Covent GardenCinnamon Bazaar Covent Garden


As soon as you walk in, the staff warmly greet you and take you to your table. Make sure you make a reservation during dinner time! It gets really busy. We didn’t have a reservation during lunchtime, and our table of six was seated quickly. Granted, we went for lunch during the week and not on the weekend. So just to be safe, make a reservation. The service throughout our meal felt comfortable but not intrusive (my favorite), and the staff is really helpful with explaining items and giving recommendations. The restrooms are clean, even though they are just a bit tricky to access, since you have to go down a steep staircase.

Cinnamon Bazaar Covent Garden

F O O D & D R I N K S

This is a chaat lover’s haven. If you are not familiar with chaat, it is the most tasty Indian street food. It’s a bunch of little bites, which are all absolutely scrumptious. We ordered various chaat starters from the menu as well as their signature chai. So delicious.

Cinnamon Bazaar Covent Garden Cinnamon Bazaar Covent Garden Cinnamon Bazaar Covent Garden

You also don’t have to order only little bites—you can go for one of their main dishes. It does seem like their lunch portions are bigger than the dinner portions. I remember after lunch I felt absolutely stuffed to the point where I couldn’t even finish my meal, but with dinner I had space for more. It might be because they provide a lunch special, so you get much more food for a better deal.

Cinnamon Bazaar Covent Garden

For dessert we indulged in their delicious homemade kulfi. Definitely try this out.

Cinnamon Bazaar Covent Garden

I couldn’t help but compare my experience here with my experiences at Dishoom. I still think the okra fries and black dhal at Dishoom are better, but Cinnamon Bazaar definitely delivers with their chaat and their ability to take reservations (Dishoom doesn’t for parties smaller than six, so you have to wait, on average, an hour to be seated *gasp*).


This place is what I would call a definite two- to three-dollar signs restaurant. This is typical of most central London restaurants. You will get a better deal if you go during lunch, but if you’re not worried about a deal, head here anytime.

Cinnamon Bazaar Covent GardenCinnamon Bazaar Covent Garden

If you are in central London, definitely check out Cinnamon Bazaar!

It’s just a two-minute walk from the Covent Garden tube station or a ten-minute walk from the Tottenham Court Road tube station. I hope you find it as delicious as we do!


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    • Haha right?! Samosa chaat is LIFE. It’s so good. Also, wow that is so sweet of you! I’ll definitely check it out! <3

    • I’m so glad! I’ve got quite a few posts about London restaurants and sights on my blog as well if you have time to check out, they might be helpful!



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