Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Fatherhood Series Part One: My Favorite Dad-Moment Is…

New series alert! I am so excited to share with you the wisdom, jokes, and joyful moments several dads shared with me about their journey through fatherhood. The first part in this five-part fatherhood series is all about their favorite parts, aka dad-moments. Some tender, some humorous, all of them genuine. Why did I create this series? People and the media focus a lot on mothers and motherhood. Yes, it’s understandable since mothers create a massive bond with their children for almost ten months before the father even meets the kiddo. Buuut what about the daddios? This series is a resource for expecting dads to hear from other dads, get excited about their impending journey, and maybe pick up a few tips and tricks from these experienced dads. Feel free to share with any expecting dads you know!

My Favorite Dad-Moment Is…

“I love the moments they surprise me. There is nothing quite like a seemingly ordinary moment with your offspring becoming something transcendent like unexpected moments of sweetness as well as sudden moments of truth-telling.”

Fatherhood Quotes

“Experiencing reciprocated love from my oldest daughter, and seeing both of my daughters grow, learn, smile, and laugh.”

“After seeing your wife give birth, my love and admiration for my wife went to another level. Every single time I was like, ‘How did she do that!?'”

Fatherhood Quotes

“When your kids understand gospel truths and have a desire to love and obey Jesus, nothing brings me more joy!”

“The first signs of recognition from your baby and emotional responses like smiling (that is not related to gas) is an epic moment.”

Fatherhood Quotes

“Seeing their character development, how each one of your kids is unique, and you love them for different reasons.”

“Knowing that our child’s life is a gift from the LORD and dancing with my daughter are two aspects of fatherhood I cherish.”

Fatherhood Quotes

“When my children choose integrity over the easy way out. I know I’ve done at least part of my job right and I’m so proud of them.”

“When your kid is in a crowded room, feeling nervous, and they spot you as you’re the only person in that room that makes them feel safe and secure. That run + hug from them is just awesome.”

Fatherhood Quotes

MY HEART. So sweet. What a gift to have fathers love their children the way these men do! Do you have a dad-moment to add to this list? Comment below!


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