Friday, July 3, 2020

[No. 18] Love Is Being SO Thankful for Each Other’s Differences

What is love? Love is being SO thankful for each other’s differences.
This past week we celebrated Thanksgiving at my aunt in-law‘s-house.
She invited my husband’s family and mine.
We sat at this beautiful table for twelve, ready to feast.
It was kind of surreal to see the buffet set up with my mom’s delicious Indian food
(saag paneer, paneer tikka masala, baingan bartha🤤)
and my aunt-in-law’s tasty, traditional meals
(green beans, salad, turkey, corn casserole).

[No. 18] Love Is Being SO Thankful for Each Other’s Differences

They exchanged notes on flavor and taste, and bonded over their love for cooking.
I can certainly tell you that we all grew closer over that delicious, Thanksgiving meal.
Sure, my sweet, vegetarian mother looked a little bit (a lot) appalled at the fried turkey,
and maybe my grandmother-in-law’s curiosity about Indian culture created some not-so-politically correct questions,
but at the end of the day,
it’s up to us whether we let differences keep us apart or bring us together.
That’s why love is being thankful for each other’s differences.

[No. 18] Love Is Being SO Thankful for Each Other’s Differences

And honestly, if we only love people who are just like us then are we really loving at all?
Where is the fun in that anyways?
Life with some masala is always better.

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