The Ultimate Gift Guide Infographic For Your Holiday Shopping

Remember when you could glue a strand of string onto a colored piece of paper, scribble some words onto it, and absolutely make someone’s day? My grandmother still has so many of those crafts and she says they are so super special to her. The extent of a gift guide was my crazy craft box. Holiday shopping was so simple with Elmer’s glue and glitter. I MISS THOSE DAYS. *Le sigh*

The other day, I was so frazzled thinking about what to buy the hubster that I contemplated giving him an ‘IOU for Christmas 2017’ pass. I want to buy him something that he enjoys and actually uses, and the search has been difficult. He would probably tell you he feels the same way when shopping for me. I’m not sure why, I mean women aren’t complicated. We just enjoy specific trends, styles and colors, which are in our heads, and you have no way of knowing that unless we point it out to you or drop not-so-subtle hints.

holiday shopping

I decided to cut the world a break by doing some research and creating a safe list for him and for her, as well as a list of what not to buy. I think you’ll have a better chance with something on this list than a last minute airport gift-shop purchase.

Gift Guide

So tell me, did this gift guide infographic help you out?
If so, please share it! Happy Holidays! Don’t stress out about holiday shopping haha!

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