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Best Brighton Coffee Shops for the Coffee Aficionado

Oh Brighton.
Such a beautiful city with history, water views, and one million artisan coffee shops.
If you’re a coffee aficionado, Brighton coffee shops will keep your caffeine levels supreme ALL day.

Seriously, we walked past more coffee shops than we did people.
Perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration…but you get the point.
We ended up trying four or five cafes a day (WOO CAFFEINE)
and narrowed down our favorites to the list below.
Some of them were minimalist, some were strange,
some were too hipster for me to fathom, but most importantly,
all of them had great coffee.

Presuming Ed’s Coffee House

Presuming Eds Brighton England

Definitely the strangest of the lot, this shop features books hanging from the ceilings, dolls in every corner, and generally the randomest of items in the strangest of places. Thankfully the food and coffee were very tasty, so those quirks added to the “hipness” of this space rather than taking away from it. Check this place out for sure! It’s also close to the Brighton Open Market.

Redroaster Coffee Co

Red Roasted Coffee Company Red Roasted Coffee Company

This space was incredible. The plants hanging from the ceiling + immense natural light helped make this very busy space feel airy and easy. The food was delicious, and the coffee was…perfect. I will say that the people who work there definitely know how good their grinds are haha, but I guess when you’re consistently rated highly, you just are that confident.

Small Batch Coffee Company

Small Batch Coffee Company Small Batch Coffee Company

We went over here the first morning we got into Brighton. With a simple menu and delicious-smelling croissants, I knew we’d found a good one. I didn’t even #tripadvisor this place, we really just happened upon it.

Antiques Cafe

Antiques Cafe Brighton England

Now who doesn’t like finely blended brews while perusing through some vintage antiques?!

Ground Coffee House

Ground Coffee House Brighton

I noticed that this space had more than just the hipsters of Brighton inside. Quite a few elderly people like this place, and they have tables for people to peacefully work while they sip.

Compass Point

Compass Point Coffee Brighton

Situated near the flea market, the clutter of Compass Point makes you feel like you’re having a delicious blend in the comfort of your grandmother’s living room.

The Plant Room Coffee

The Plant Room Brighton England

Located across from the best donuts in Brighton, The Plant Room Coffee is sure to complement those delicious circles of heavenly goodness like nothing else.

The Longhouse

Longhouse Coffee BrightonThe Longhouse Brighton England

For the longest time, I didn’t know what this place was called because of the symbol just on the outside. I called it the “tool” cafe. It is certainly too hip for me, but the espresso was understandable.

Cosiez Cafe

Cosiez Coffee Brighton Coffee Shops

Sometimes hipster caffeine machines get boring and you’re ready for something for comfortable, more cozy. Plus the food here is deeelicious.

Twin Pines Coffee

Twin Pines Brighton Coffee Shop Twin Pines Brighton Coffee Shop

Out of all the Brighton coffee shops, this was our favorite stop. The decor inside was fantastic, the coffee was flavorful, and the people who work here are super fun. Definitely check it out.

My Coffee Story

Brighton Coffee Shops

But wait, this minimalist/black brick/artisan cafe ALSO has swings! If you’re lucky, they just might be available for you. Plus it’s an eight-minute walk from Curry Leaf Cafe (delicious Indian food).

 Have you ever been to this seaside city?
If so, which Brighton coffee shops do you enjoy?

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