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Everything You Need For Those Million Diaper Changes With Parent’s Choice

This post was written in partnership with Walmart.

Besides breastfeeding, baby registries, and bath time, we’ve also got potty time! Sounds a lot like party time doesn’t it? 😀 Having all the essentials for potty time is so necessary. You want to have tons of wipes ready, diapers on hand, changing pad liners, a cushioned changing pad, and a few changing pad covers. All of the products you see in this post are by Parent’s Choice besides the pajamas.

Parent’s Choice is Walmart’s exclusive baby brand and they are celebrating its 20th anniversary this October! Parent’s Choice products are quality products at great value and you know that because they’ve stood the test of time. Keep an eye out for that brand next time you are at Walmart!

Here are the Parent’s Choice products we keep on hand:

  1. Parent’s Choice Sensitive Soothing Aloe Baby Wipes – We LOVE these wipes! These baby wipes are fragrance-free and infused with soothing aloe extract, ultra-thick and durable, gentle as water, hypoallergenic, and pH balanced. Don’t just take my word for it! Check out the 500+ reviews raving about it on the product page!
  2. Parent’s Choice Plush Changing Pad Cover – I love the design of this changing pad cover! Plus, it is so soft. You want to have several of these handy because sometimes baby’s ‘mess’ runs off of changing pad liners and believe me, you do not want the ‘mess’ getting into the cushion!
  3. Parent’s Choice Wipeable Changing Pad Liners – So it’s great to have a changing pad cover, but you will definitely want changing pad liners that are wipeable because then you don’t need to wash the changing pad cover every time any ‘mess’ gets on it. These liners are so easy to clean off and there are three in a pack!
  4. Parent’s Choice Premium Diapers, Size 1, 104 Diapers – I remember baby girl’s pediatrician gave us a huge range for how many wet and dirty diapers to expect with baby girl and let me just tell you, our baby has a very efficient plumbing system. These diapers keep her ‘mess’ in check and do not give her a rash!

Baby Diaries: Everything You Need For Those Million Diaper Changes With Parent's ChoiceBaby Diaries: Everything You Need For Those Million Diaper Changes With Parent's Choice

Extra items:

  1. Parent’s Choice Cloud Pillow – We keep this pillow next to the changing pad as just another barrier to make sure she doesn’t roll off and also because it’s so freaking cute! I smile every time I look at it.
  2. Pajamas – Lamaze Cotton sleep n’ play pajamas, 2pk (baby girls) – We keep these on hand because sometimes our sweet girl decides to take advantage of those brief no-diaper-on-me moments and pees onto her onesie or pajamas. Best to keep a few of these ready for an impromptu change!
  3. Parent’s Choice Royal Plush Blanket, Gray – We also keep a blanket next to our changing station so we can pick her up and cuddle her whenever we want 😊 Sometimes I feed her after a change so it’s great to keep this handy.

Baby Diaries: Everything You Need For Those Million Diaper Changes With Parent's ChoiceBaby Diaries: Everything You Need For Those Million Diaper Changes With Parent's Choice

We have a party, I mean potty, station upstairs and one downstairs. This way, we can clean her up quickly and efficiently no matter where she is in the home.

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