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How We Found Out About Baby Number Two

I am not a ramen person. Or at least, I never thought I was. One week in January, we went out for ramen for lunch. And then the following two days, we ordered ramen take-out for dinner. At the end of that week, hubby, #myswirlgirl, and I were lazing around in our living room, and hubby off-handedly said, “You’ve craved ramen a ton this week. How crazy would it be if you were pregnant again?”

We both looked at each other and laughed. That man is hysterical.

A few minutes later, the thought was still in my head. What if I was pregnant with baby number two? I’m not someone who likes what-ifs, so I jokingly (kind of not) looked over at hubby and said, “I’m going to take a pregnancy test.”

We laughed.

A few minutes later, the Clear Blue pregnancy test flashed PREGNANT. I stared at it for what felt like hours. I slowly turned to look at hubby. He looked at my face and smiled, thinking I was acting. No words came out of my mouth, so I walked over to him with a wild expression and presented the test to him.

We didn’t laugh this time.

My phone alert rang loudly and reminded us that we had a double date in ten minutes. We placed the test on the table, strapped #myswirlgirl into her car seat, and drove in silence (besides Drake in the background of course) to our double date. We were ready for these two-hours to concentrate on our good friends.

Prohibition Creamery 2020-3
Double Date at Prohibition Creamery

At the double date, our friends immediately told us that they were expecting a baby. Hubby and I both were shell-shocked for a few seconds and then leaped up with joy. We were probably VERY expressive partially because it gave us an outlet to channel our emotions but also because we were so excited for these sweet friends to go through parenthood. We sat there the whole date, just dreaming and chatting with them about what this new life would look like.

At one point in the date, my friend looked at me and said, “When would you guys want baby number two?” I semi-choked on my milkshake and then said, “You know, whenever God thinks is best!” She seemed satisfied with that answer, not noticing my crazy/what is happening expression.

When we got home, we put #myswirlgirl to sleep and crawled into bed. We were both just lying down next to each other, staring at the ceiling, waiting for the other to speak first.

I broke the silence with, “I’m terrified and excited.”

He asked me to explain, so then I thought-vomited.

When was this baby due? Would this baby be after #myswirlgirl turned one? How would we manage two under 13 months!? I felt like I was just now getting into a mom-groove. Had I been taking prenatal vitamins? Is this fair to #myswirlgirl for baby number two to show up so soon? Was I a bad mom? What about my PCOS diagnosis? Did my body heal? Am I not trusting God because I’m also slightly panicking? How am I going to handle two babies and my blog? What the FLIP WAS HAPPENING?!

Hubby listened to my frenzied stream of consciousness, breathed out, and then said, “Let’s pray and give thanks for this life.” And that’s exactly what we did.

Pregnancy Announcement


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      • Yes, we have 3 year old twins and our baby number three (who is only 3 months now) was slightly unexpected. Haha on top of a move after being apart for two months in the transition of the new job all while working full time and then abruptly changing roles with my husband – being a stay at home mom….

  1. I loved reading this!! Omg…can’t even imagine the shock of seeing PREGNANT on that little test. You are totally equipped to do this, you’ve got the best team, and God will never put you in a situation that you’re not ready for. Woohooo!!!

  2. I love this! Thank you so much for sharing this. Everything will work out. Your faith in God and support of family & friends will see you through! You’re already a wonderful mom. 🥰

  3. This is such a great story – and sounds like some terrific acting on the double date! So happy for y’all even if there are a million emotions swirling at once. That just means something wonderful is on the horizon.

  4. Hiii sooo im reading this spoiler alert..i also want to marry my white bf and have children and live a happily ever after…but it seems impossible as im indian and my parents will not accept it.i love him with all of my heart and i wanna live my life with him……what should i do?…p.s…i lovvveee your blogs…they r amazing pls dont stop this everrrrr…


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