Victory Board Office DIY – Remember Your Wins!

As an entrepreneur, there are moments where I feel overwhelmed, underappreciated, confused, frustrated, the whole gambit of negative emotions! Do you get me? And honestly, I also go through those emotions as a mom, wife, and human. My husband is the person who told me to make a victory board in the first place. When it came to my low moments, he noticed how quickly I forgot life’s wins. He told me to screenshot and print out all my victories; however big or small from DMS to campaigns to our first ultrasound to hand-written letters from dear friends and stick everything on this one board in my office. It’s an easy home or office DIY that makes a huge mental difference.

Victory Board Office DIY - Remember Your Wins!He knows I can’t stand clutter, so having one designated space for this in my home office is what I needed. PS – If you haven’t checked out my home office decor blog post, you can read that here.

Materials I used in this DIY:

  1. Corkboard
  2. Thumbtacks
  3. Sticky notes
  4. Pens
  5. Scissors
  6. Printer and printouts

You can shop for these items in my Amazon store if you’d like! Also, my home office items are in my store. I do receive a small commission on every purchase.

Victory Board Office DIY - Remember Your Wins!

Six categories for victory board content:

  1. My favorite campaigns I’ve worked on
  2. Dream brands I’d love to work with
  3. My favorite letters/texts from friends and family
  4. Milestone moments and wins (our baby’s first ultrasound, my first 5 figure contract, my first press trip boarding pass)
  5. DMs from my followers that have encouraged me or told me how I’d helped them
  6. Bible verses, song lyrics, prayers answered, or quotes that motivate me

Victory Board Office DIY - Remember Your Wins!

You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to make a victory board. I think every single person should make one. It doesn’t have to be huge, but take the time to remember your wins and honestly, God’s provision. Put up that first dollar you made from your business. Screenshot those sweet texts. Develop that sonogram. Write out your dreams. Don’t let the lows live any longer than they need to in your mind!

People can be so fickle with victories, almost like we are expecting them, and that might lead to not holding onto that moment and remembering. Celebrate your wins!

To be clear, I’m not someone who likes bragging or will ever tell people to go around spouting their victories (I know some modern-day “popular” authors say to do this, but I’m not about it. I don’t need anyone’s approval, and I think our culture is getting weirdly unhealthy about this…but that’s a rant for a different time). I do believe having a space in your home, designated for a victory board filled with beautiful reminders, energy, dreams, and moments is something everyone can benefit from.

Victory Board Office DIY - Remember Your Wins!


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  1. I love this! I hadn’t heard of a victory board and I definitely think I need to make one. It’s good to be able to look back and say “hey I did that” – especially on days where things feel tough!


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