Sunday, August 25, 2019

[No. 32] Love Is Carrying Losses and Celebrating Wins

What is love?
Love is carrying each other‘s losses and celebrating each other’s wins.
My husband and I were recently talking about how thankful we are to have friends that
aren’t afraid to delve into the harder things in life,
and are also the first ones up out of their seats cheering when it’s time to celebrate.
I call it the sunshine and rain effect; the plant needs both to grow.
Rain helps the plant’s roots grow deep,
but sunlight is what makes the lovely petals unfold!
When you’re with someone that is only about having a good time,
you don’t build a deeper level of trust.
But if you are with someone where all you do is talk about the hard things,
and never shed light on the blessings going on your life, then all you feel is drained.
With both, you understand the significance of each smile.
With both, you’re eager to carry burdens and help in tough times.
And with both, you have a deep love and a rare relationship.

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Photography by Jared Lichtenberger


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