[No. 33] Love Is Faithful

What is love? Love is faithful.
Someone asked me if I believed that marriage to one person makes sense.
Is it possible to love, be faithful, and commit to just one person?
Can I say yes for sure when there is one divorce every 36 seconds?
Can I say love is faithful when the average length of a marriage that ends in divorce is just eight years?
Can I believe in commitment for life when the average age for couples going through their first divorce is just 30 years old?
I’ve only been married for ~two years, so I can’t tell you from my own experience.
But I can tell you about the few couples I know who are still in love and married for 20+, 30+ years.

These couples keep Jesus at the center of their lives.
They are more in love with Him than they are with each other.
So, when the going gets tough, they don’t rely solely on each other to get through those grueling times.
They have a holy strength that isn’t limited to human willpower.
They are self-sacrificing.
They haven’t stopped trying to outdo each other in service since they are two halves but one whole.
They haven’t stopped setting special time for the two of them even when kids enter the picture.
Not to mention, they never started worshipping their kids.
They have a transparent and non-judgmental community around them to hold them accountable with their marriage.

When looking at statistics in the world around us,
it doesn’t seem possible to stay married and in love to one person.
But with God at the core, followed by layers of faithful actions and community,
it absolutely is possible.

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Photography by Jared Lichtenberger

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