[No. 35] Love Is Not ALL About the Romance

Whaaa? Yeah fam. It’s not.

When we first moved to London, our 385 square foot flat was filled with IKEA bags, four suitcases, and soo much excitement.

But after the initial shock wore off, I found myself wishing I could grab a happy hour with girlfriends, and he missed golf and BBQ with his guys.

We quickly realized that we had to be there for each other in new ways our previous 4+ years didn’t teach us.

So, we decided to take turns picking out activities to do together we normally wouldn’t.

One weekend, he waited in line with me for hours (even when he was severely ‘hangry’…God bless him) to get last-minute tickets to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (SO GOOD). Another weekend we walked for miiiiiiles as he pointed at buildings and n-e-r-d-e-d out on the architecture.

We took turns like this and funnily enough, it’s carried over to our lives here in Austin.

In London, we learned to be each other’s best friends in ways we weren’t before.

In Austin, we continue to learn things about each other we didn’t know before.

Investing in our friendship strengthens our romance.

Do you take time to grow your friendship?

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