[No. 43] Love Is Bursting Your Bubbles

[No. 43] Love is bursting your bubbles.

Bursting your big, colorful ideas of the perfect person, the perfect fight, the perfect date, the perfect kids—anything!

Nowadays the word “love” is so o0ey, go0ey romanticized that when so many are hit with the reality that love isn’t always “a walk in the park”, they up and leave.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but love also takes work. Sorry to burst yo’ bubble, but looks fade with time.

Sorry to burst ya bubble, but humility in admitting you’re wrong isn’t fun.

Burst them bubbles my friends, your nit-picky list is less important than his/her heart and values.

And if you do, you just might stay away from the next sticky situation.

So tell me, which bubbles burst for you? Or which ones do you need to burst?

43 Love is bursting bubbles thehonestshruth

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