[No. 42] Love Is Consistent Gratitude

[No. 42] Love is consistent gratitude.

Why? Because people get so excited with shiny new things but in a week barely remember them.

We are masters at taking things for granted. We are fantastic at “out of sight out of mind.”

Yup, we are highly skilled at getting bored.

We forget how in the beginning we’d go to the ends of the earth for the other and now will settle on feeling inconvenienced and slight resentment.

That’s just part of human imperfection.

But, we have to fight that… especially for the people we love.

There’s this married couple I want to tell you about: Carole and Howard.

What stood out to me besides their anchored faith in Jesus, was their consistent & verbalized gratitude toward each other.

They looked like they were still in the honeymoon phase, 63 married years later!

They were honestly one of the first examples I’ve seen of people aging gracefully, joyfully, & thankfully.

Without gratitude, we take life for granted, and when we take our breath for granted, there is no way we acknowledge all the blessings and people in it.

So today, even though it’s Monday (or maybe especially since it is Monday) spend time expressing your gratitude.

Reach out to those you are grateful for and TELL them that! Age gracefully, love gratefully.

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