[No.67] Love Is Thoughtful

What is love? Love is thoughtful.

A few weeks ago, one of my best friends who’s getting married stayed with us and we, of course, got to chatting. In between wedding chatter, she asked me how work was going, how I was doing, etc. I told her I wish I had created more introvert time in 2018. Although I’m in an extroverted career, I very much recharge by being by myself. I told her that in 2019 I wanted enough time to get bored so creativity could bring forth something new! She asked me what I would do in that introvert time, and I told her one of the things I’ve always loved is painting, and I didn’t paint a single thing last year. Convo kept flowing and the entire weekend was so special.

A week later, I received an @amazon package. I opened it up and inside were six blank canvases with a personal note. I just laughed to myself, slightly taken aback with how thoughtful this gift was. Do people still listen like this? Do they still follow up on the smallest things you’ve said and surprise you? If you ask me my love language, I am not a gifts person because usually, I don’t like the things people buy me (diva? Or just self-aware?). However, gifts like these, really thoughtful gifts that show you care, are listening, and love well overflow my heart with joy.

I had the chance to wake up this Monday and paint and my gosh even if it was for a little did it feel good. My challenge to you today is, how can you be thoughtful, and really show you listen and care?


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