[No. 7] Love Is Embracing Vulnerability

What is love? Love is embracing vulnerability.

Yeah, I’m talking about that scary & intense feeling when you bring down your walls,

and let a person know just who you are.

Sure, walls protect us from potential pain.

They are comfortable because wherever we look,

we know exactly what we’ll encounter.

But walls don’t leave much chance for growth, do they?

Vulnerability gives love the space it needs to advance leaps and bounds.

Should you ever have walls?


It’s smart to guard your heart in the beginning.

But once there is evidence of repeated and mutual trust, loyalty, and humility,

then vulnerability can exist.

I was recently reminded about how I can put up a wall of “everything is okay” when really it’s not.

My husband just looked at me with these knowing eyes and smile,

waiting for me to tell him what I was trying to suppress.

Of course I know in my heart I can trust him,

but those darn walls sneak back in so quickly!

It’s terrifying to open up to another person,

but once you both do,

you both create an incredible environment for beautiful, healthy love to flourish.

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Title image captured by Allison Stoddard Photography

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