[No. 72] Love is Not a Temporary Fix

Love is not a temporary fix. Don’t believe me? Let me tell you about the time I dated an atheist.

I was not in the healthiest place in my faith/life because of a breakup that left me reeling. Enter artsy guy who called me his dream girl. He was intelligent and our banter was on point. We got along well and I eventually concluded that maybe I could “do my faith thing” separate from him. HEHE. Ahhhh. Urgh. Silly, silly Shruthi. Faith is foundational to me. It is the most crucial thing in the world to me. So how was I going to pursue this relationship when this person couldn’t have cared less about God? I was so willing to let that go because your girl was sad and lonely and maybe even a little angry at God.

BUT GOD never let me go. He used other people and the power of prayer to wake me up from filling the void in my heart with temporary things. That guy soon went bye-bye, and I never looked back. In time, a healthier, healed, and happier me met the love of my life. I get to pray with him every night and wake up with him every single morning. I know in my bones, he is the right one for me.

My point is, if you’re in a place where settling seems appealing or God seems far away, I want to encourage you that you’re more valuable than that. A person usually isn’t right for you if you feel it in the depths of your gut, if your friends bring it up to you, and if you’re compromising foundational parts of yourself. God’s plans are mysterious sure, but they are better than yours, I promise. #thehonestshruth


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