Tuesday, September 27, 2022

My Portuguese Shopping: Peasant Style Green Dress

For #FashionFriday, I’m sharing with you this rich green dress I bought in Porto.
Every time I visit a new country, I like to buy a dress made in that country.
It’s a sweet reminder each time I open my wardrobe of the places we’ve seen.

Green Dress

Plus, I’ll never show up to an event with the same dress as someone else haha.
Real talk am I right?
My fashion isn’t usually brand name: it’s bold, feminine, modest, & cultural.
But I think that’s what fashion should be right?
Individual to the spirit of the person?
In a few words below, tell me about your style.

Green Dress

I’ve linked a couple of dresses which are similar to mine below.
These are all from Amazon as usual!
Sidenote: Did you guys check out the Prime sale?


Are you someone who follows trends, or do you like to create your own trend?
I’ve definitely noticed that women in America tend to follow more trends or box stores than women in England.

That’s just my observation after living in both countries and traveling throughout.
Case in point would be this giant Nordstrom sale so many American bloggers are sharing about.
I’ve never even shopped there haha!

Green Dress
So tell me, what is your personal style?

Cheers,thehonestshruth signature


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