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Volunteering with Central Texas Pig Rescue and Why Generosity Breeds Optimism

Frost Bank sponsored this blog post as part of their #OptForOptimism 
campaign but all opinions are my own.

A couple of weeks ago, some of my friends, followers, and I all headed to Central Texas Pig Rescue to volunteer our time. This fantastic nonprofit was put on my radar by my husband a few months ago. Ever since he brought Central Texas Pig Rescue up to me, a massive animal lover, I couldn’t wait to volunteer there.

Volunteering with Central Texas Pig Rescue and Why Generosity Breeds Optimism

What Is Central Texas Pig Rescue?

Central Texas Pig Rescue is a special place and is home to over 250 pigs. All of their pigs were rescued from abuse, abandonment, neglect, slaughter, and animal testing. Most of them are medically special needs, and many are behaviorally challenged. It is such a haven for these intelligent animals.

Volunteering with Central Texas Pig Rescue and Why Generosity Breeds Optimism CTPR also provides support to pig parents through behavioral consultations to help them develop better relationships with the pig in their family. This entirely volunteer-led organization and gains the trust of these animals to help rebuild their lives. Besides pigs, CTPR is also home to several goats, donkeys, cats, roosters, and chickens.

Volunteering with Central Texas Pig Rescue and Why Generosity Breeds Optimism

What did we do at Central Texas Pig Rescue?

Julie, the volunteer coordinator, showed us various chores done around the rescue. We cleaned out the pens, hosed down the pigs, filled up tubs with water, fed the animals, gave them plenty of belly rubs, and just loved them. Seriously, it warmed my heart to see how sweet and loving these animals are.

Volunteering with Central Texas Pig Rescue and Why Generosity Breeds Optimism

Volunteering needs to be a part of everyone’s life. I strongly believe that. It is so important to exercise forms of generosity to have a big heart. Similar to how Frost Bank believes generosity spurs optimism, I also think that when we are too self-focused, we can breed pessimism. This world tells you that everything is all about you, always. But the reality is that there is so much more out there that is bigger than you. The truth is that a generous heart is vital for a thriving, optimistic mindset.

Volunteering with Central Texas Pig Rescue and Why Generosity Breeds OptimismCheck out the video below to see more behind the scenes from our time at Central Texas Pig Rescue and all the cute pigs!

Why is generosity so crucial, especially in this day and age?

Whether you are generous with your time or money, one thing is for sure: Generosity has a massively positive impact on all aspects of life, including mental health and even financial wellness. Through generosity, you can experience better overall health, lower stress, improved relationships, and extended life. I know that the entire group of volunteers spent their energy doing something that benefited others, and in return, they left with a brighter sense of the world.

#OptForOptimism thehonestShruth Frost Bank

Where is the proof that optimism can lead to better financial wellness?

As part of Frost’s #OptForOptimism initiative, Frost conducted an extensive research study to prove the link between an optimistic mindset and better financial health. You can read the research here. Two points that stuck out to me from the study include how optimists are seven times as likely to experience better financial health compared to pessimists and that optimists experience 145 fewer days of financial stress a year!

#OptForOptimism thehonestShruth Frost Bank

I believe this because when I think about the people in my life who generally make poor decisions with money or seem stressed about money, they are pretty pessimistic. You might think LOL they are pessimistic because of their money situation, but actually, I think if they could start seeing the day as life’s glass half-full, a lot of factors in their position would change.

#OptForOptimism thehonestShruth Frost Bank

How can you give back?

I encourage you to visit CultureMap’s Charity Guide to find organizations to support in your local area. There are so many fantastic organizations out there that people don’t know about. Why not spread the word on how to #OptForOptimism?

#OptForOptimism thehonestShruth Volunteered

You can also:

  • Donate personal belongings to organizations in need
  • Hand out water and meals
  • Organize a clothing drive for a local charity
  • Participate in fundraising events or blood drives
  • Go volunteer at Central Texas Pig Rescue


I’d love to hear about how being generous has positively impacted your life! Have you volunteered lately? How do you #OptForOptimism in your city? Comment below! Take the Frost Bank optimism quiz here too!



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    • It is located in East Austin near Bastrop! Just twenty-ish minutes from Downtown. They don’t give you their address for security reasons but if you reach out to them to volunteer, they will let you know!

  1. I just got back from Ironwood Pig Sanctuary in Tucson Arizona. they have 623 pigs and 7 hogs. I spent a week raking poop, clearing brush, sheeting the recovery pen and spending time with the recuperating with them. They have been on my radar since 2009 but I would love to volunteer at Central Texas. I am experienced !!!

  2. I Love It and I Todally agree with Volunteering and that we need more Generosity in the World. As well as I Love all the Animals Myself!” Thank You for your Enlightenment!”


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