Saturday, September 21, 2019

[No. 21] Love Is Deep And Dimensional

What is love? Love is deep.
It’s so fun to get together with friends and make memories.
It’s so fun to have easy brunches and big laughs.
It’s so fun to look at that photograph and know you adore each person in it.
But loving your friends also means taking “time together” to a deeper level.
It’s delving into real life.
Sometimes that’s messy, but if you don’t have a trusted group to share it with,
you keep all that mess inside and that turns into getting in your head or emotional constipation
(you know what I mean).
And down the road…an outburst or breakdown.

Deep love from friends lightens the load of life on your shoulders.
Dimensional love helps carry each other’s burdens.
Deep love never adds the weight of judgment but knows when to speak the truth.
Deep love means vulnerability from both parties,
which turns into steel trust.
When we share the more difficult moments,
how much sweeter is it to share the joyful moments too?
Do you have friends around you who who’s love is deep and dimensional?

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