[No. 15] Love Is Fighting With Respect

What is love? Love is fighting with respect.

What do I mean by that?

I mean that by the end of the conflict, you’re stronger than you were before.

I mean that no matter what, you have each other’s back and never let down the other person in public.

I’ve seen partners/friends put down the other in front of friends or family and,

it makes me cringe with every fiber in my being.

First of all, try to take that conflict into another room.

Second, realize you’re both on the same team.

You both have different minds, eyes, and heartbeats,

so of course your thoughts aren’t always going to be consistent!

But if both of you know that the end goal of the conflict is to have harmony, peace, & understanding,

that’s what will happen.

Fight with humility.

Fight with the desire to convey your thoughts kindly.

Remember to fight without manipulation.

Never, ever raise a finger.

Forgive freely and admit your fault in the conflict because more than likely,

both parties are at fault.

Unless you both are the exact same person, you are bound to fight.

So why not use those moments to grow stronger together?

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