[No. 34] Love Is Dating for Life

Like I mentioned in last week’s ‘Love is,’ the couples I look up to most are the ones who’ve managed to stay together and in love for 20+, 30+, 40+ years.

One of the things ALL of these couples do is have a regular date night at least once a month where it’s time for the two of them, no excuses. They are dating for life.

Hubstar and I adopted this idea within our first week of dating because we both have seen the visible benefits and results of consistent pursuit.

These relationships are healthy.

The friendships are strong.

The romantic sparks haven’t faded.

The couples aren’t jaded.

Needs are met.

Feelings are heard.

Since we don’t have kids, we can make this happen often. I know even when kids enter the picture, we will still have our date nights. Dating for life is on our agenda and there’s no doubt about it.

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