Tamarind Kitchen Indian Cuisine in London, England

London has so many delicious Indian restaurants. That’s a fact.

But not all of them also have beautiful décor, friendly staff, and efficient service. Tamarind Kitchen is one of those restaurants I recommend to friends looking for Indian food in London ALL THE TIME. It’s under an umbrella of restaurants that also includes Tamarind Mayfair, one of the first Indian restaurants in the world to receive a Michelin star. Yeah, kind of a big deal.  


Tamarind Kitchen is located in Soho, a stone’s throw away from Covent Garden. Before I ever tried it, every time I walked by, I’d take a peek inside to see what the décor/crowd looked like. It looks somewhat mysterious from the outside because it’s dimly lit inside. One Saturday afternoon in between part one and part two of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, we decided to check it out.  You can go ahead and make a reservation here so that you won’t have to worry about crowds. This restaurant is right in between the Oxford Circus and Tottenham Court tube stops, so you can take either stop to get there. I personally prefer Tottenham Court tube stop because it is WAY less crowded to walk out of.

Tamarind Kitchen in London Indian Cuisine


We walked in literally as they opened the door for dinner service, so we had the whole restaurant to ourselves. This made staring at everything and taking photos much easier haha! The lighting is dim on the inside, but there’s enough light to see your food and your dinner companions. The rich hues of gold and blue mixed with the candlelight set a comfortable and warm tone for dinner.

Indian Food in London at Tamarind Kitchen Indian Food in London at Tamarind Kitchen


Within five minutes of sitting down, we already knew what to order. Their menu has vegetarian (woohoo), vegan, and even gluten-free options, so don’t fret friends! You can check out their menu here. You won’t find very large or heavy plates here, as their signature is small sharing plates of Indian street food. My husband ordered the chicken tikka masala with veggie biryani, and I ordered the chenna masala with raita. We ordered everything at a medium spice level. If I order anything at mild, my very Texan husband makes fun of how he is more Indian than I am, so…I’ve got an image to protect haha. The food arrived very quickly, and it looked just as delicious as it tasted. I think the employees were a bit surprised by how quickly we ate (#noregrets). We’re not usually quick eaters, but the food was so delicious that it was gone within ten minutes. 

Indian Food in London at Tamarind Kitchen Indian Food in London at Tamarind Kitchen Indian Food in London at Tamarind Kitchen Indian Food in London at Tamarind KitchenTamarind Kitchen in London Indian Cuisine


Maybe it was because we were the only ones there, or probably because they’re like this with everyone, but the host, servers, and staff were so efficient, pleasant, and kind. I love when people who work in a restaurant make you feel welcome, and that’s exactly what they do at Tamarind Kitchen.

Indian Food in London at Tamarind Kitchen

If you are looking for a delicious Indian restaurant in London, definitely head to Tamarind Kitchen. Check out their Instagram and Facebook for more information. Looking for other cuisines in London? Check out my favorite Mexican and Spanish restaurants in London below.

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