My Favorite Indian Restaurants Around the World

There is nothing quite like Indian food. Especially after hours of international travel. Maybe I am a teeeensy bit biased because I am *cough* Indian. But my husband would say the same, and he is straight-up Texan. Like boots-wearing, Jeep-driving Texan. Trying new Indian restaurants is on our MUST-DO list anytime we travel. If you’ve been following my blog, then you know that this past year we traveled a lot.

My Favorite Indian Restaurants Around the World

What was on our mind after we saw the Louvre in Paris? Indian food. What about after the United Nations in Geneva? Indian food. From Bali, Indonesia to Dublin, Ireland, we’ve documented our favorite international Indian restaurants. If you are a crazy curry fiend like us, hopefully this helps you out!

Dublin, Ireland – Ruposhi Indian Restaurant

After a day of drinking beers at the Guinness Factory and walking all around Dublin, you will more than likely be ready for a hot and heavy meal. Definitely get the mango lassi while you’re here. You can also check out my Dublin travel guide while you’re at it.

My Favorite Indian Restaurants Around the World Ruposhi Indian Restaurant

Ruposhi Indian Restaurant

Birmingham, England – Milan

Birmingham is known for their variety of Indian food. We tried a few places, and this was our favorite. That being said, it is crucial that you make a reservation before you go! We went here during the Birmingham Christmas markets, and this place was packed!

My Favorite Indian Restaurants Around the World Milan Birmingham

Reykjavik, Iceland – Hraðlestin

This is a pretty good spot to get an Indian meal for take-away/to-go. Compared to others in the area, it is pretty cheap, but the food is still tasty. You don’t need a reservation. There’s ample street parking around the building!

Indian Food in Iceland Hraðlestin

London, England – Dishoom, Tamarind Kitchen, Masala Zone, Cinnamon Bazaar, Indian Zing

Oh man. There is SO much good Indian food in London. I’ve written so many reviews on various Indian food in London, but these four restaurants are my favorites. I’m sure I’ll update this after my next trip to London, but I am confident these high achievers will stay on top for a long time!

Indian Food in London

Edinburgh, Scotland – Kismot

This place looks unassuming from the outside, but the flavors and quantity are sure to blow you away. I recommend making a reservation before heading here. You can also whiskey taste just up the road for dessert!

My Favorite Indian Restaurants Around the World

Brighton, England – The Chilli Pickle Restaurant, Indian Summer

Between museum tours and beach lounging, we fueled ourselves with espresso and Indian food! There are numerous delicious artisan coffee shops in Brighton (my guide here), but two standout Indian restaurants. Make reservations before you go!

My Favorite Indian Restaurants Around the World

Paris, France – Pooja

Every time I’ve gone to Paris, I’ve eaten here. The palak paneer is divine, and so is the mango lassi. The owner is kind, and the fact that the restaurant is in a passage of fifteen other Indian restaurants makes it the “Brick Lane” of Paris.

My Favorite Indian Restaurants Around the World

Amsterdam, Netherlands – Taj Indian

This menu has such a variety that you’re sure to find something you like! You can sit inside or outside while enjoying your meal! The prices are reasonable, and it’s definitely walk-able from the city center.

My Favorite Indian Restaurants Around the World

Copenhagen, Denmark – The South Indian

What a space. I’m not even sure why I was surprised by how cool the space was, since it’s in Denmark (yes, hardcore Danish design freak-o over here). As a south Indian, I’m pretty picky when it comes to “good South Indian food.” Thankfully, this place is more than just good design. Check it out!

My Favorite Indian Restaurants Around the World

Bali, Indonesia – Ganesha Ek Sanskriti

When you walk in, you can either sit on some cushions on the ground, or you can go with a table. We opted for the cushions! The food comes out quickly, and the flavors are all there. We ordered three entrees and two appetizers for the four of us, which I think was the perfect amount!

My Favorite Indian Restaurants Around the World

Geneva, Switzerland – Little India, Indian Curry House

Expect anywhere you eat out in Geneva to be pricey. Thankfully, the Indian food in these two restaurants is better priced than most, and it’s delicious! They are right next to each other too. Make a reservation before you go!

My Favorite Indian Restaurants Around the World

So tell me, on your travels, what kind of food do you enjoy?
If you’ve had great Indian food in a different country, drop the link and name below!

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